Know Us

Car repair shop Autocolor Kruševac was founded in 1971. The many years of experience we have in performing reparations are, therefore, our best recommendations.

We have worked from small sheet metal damages up to heavily damaged cars, all to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Their vehicles, with our help, were brought into the state of factory appearance

Besides, with the use of materials and colors of the world’s most famous brands , we offer you exceptional quality and guarantee on all performed works. We work with brands such as Lesonal, Nexa Autocolor, Glasurit and PPG.

Our Speciality

The Autocolor shop is specialized for reparations of complicated disasters and the restoration of old-timers. Ferrari, Porsche, Peugeot, Karmann, Oldsmobile, Cadillac are just some of the names of manufacturers whose numerous vehicles left from the premises of our workshop in a perfect condition.

Our Services

Complete body work and restoration for all types of vehicles.

Minor repairs or works on heavily damaged cars.

After our work You will have car in perfect condition.